Introducing Globall Coach™
Available Spring 2014

We're at MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, read about it here.


Technology for Champions

Imagine a single piece of sporting software that improves all aspects of the game, improves performance; improves winning.

Imagine a piece of software that allows you try out plays without the need of the squad, all in the digital sphere.

Imagine a cloud of information at your fingertips- whether you’re the player,  the manager, analyst, or an integral member of the club hierarchy. Squad data, facts and figures will be accessible in real time at any time from anywhere.  Desk- Tab or Phone

Performance is everything, and Globall Coach is the new tool  for  your arsenal.

Designed for Professionals By Professionals

Coaching is about to get a digital makeover.

We use technology in every aspect of our lives, so Globall Coach is bringing that to the pitch, court or pad.

This digital sports technology is a revolutionary way to plan, plot, strategize and improve all areas of play. Plus log, communicate, and forecast within your organization from any device

Get a leg up on the competition and use proactive solutions afforded to us by technology.

Match Reports
Scout Reports
PDF Outputs
Shared Workspaces
Hierarchal Login
Private Files
Secure Login
Server Ready

Globall Coach and Sharp

Globall Coach has an exclusive agreement with technology giant SHARP Electronics to bring sports coaching to the big screen and make ours the only sports software built for compatibility with SHARP AQUOS Board touchscreen devices.

With dynamic ‘10 finger’ touch screen capabilities and sizes ranging from 20” to 90”, the Sharp AQUOS Board Panel is the optimum way to present match-winning tactics and strategies across a boardroom or team hub.

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